Distributor Lamp

This unique lamp is made from an engine pulley and a billet aluminum ignition distributor. It is topped off with a very unique air filter shade!

There are a lot of unique touches about this lamp. 8 spark plugs are welded to the base, and a single spark plug wire is installed for added flair. The lamp is switched by an automotive/industrial style toggle switch.

Lead time is 3 weeks minimum on this one. If you need it sooner, we may be able to knock it out for you- please contact for details.


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1920’s Supercharger drive patent

A 16 x 20" 1920s supercharger drive patent print makes a great gift for anyone interested in historical cars or mechanics! Displaying patents as art is a great way to showcase your interests in your home. Classic car art is great decor for a man cave, a garage, a den, or an office.

All prints are printed on high quality archival Epson matte paper using Epson K3 inks. This ink and paper combination creates a beautiful finish and has lightfastness ratings of up to 75 years for color prints and over 200 years for black-and-white prints, ensuring a beautiful print for years to come. Designed using historical patents.

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Jellio Drive in Wall Art

Remember Revell models? They were the plastic car kits we used to put together when we were young. Well we've taken inspiration from those classic toys to create DRIVE IN.  It’s our tribute to the chrome-heavy hot rods of the fifties...think car hops, tail fins and drag races.


CNC Machined Naval Bronze Keychain

This custom designed keychain is CNC machined from solid naval bronze and then finished by hand. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and material choice for this piece allow the minimalist design to have maximum impact. This keychain wrench has 2 sets of openings, one for SAE bolts and nuts and one for metric bolts and nuts. SAE sizes: 9/16" - 1/2" - 7/16" - 3/8" - 5/16" - 1/4". Metric Sizes: 11mm - 10mm - 9mm - 8mm - 7mm - 6mm. The wrench openings are precision shaped to perfectly hold and torque these common bolt and nut sizes. Naval bronze is extremely tough and highly resistant to corrosion. The diameter of this keychain is 1.75in. (4.45cm).

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Tesla Motor Patent Prints

This print depicts an original patent for Tesla's AC Induction Motor, an 1888 invention that was centuries ahead of its time and forged a new automotive age.Printed on a matte card stock paper, this large art piece will add an authentic historical edge to any interior in which it is displayed.
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